NES Camouflage Clothing - October 13, 2008

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Studying digital fractal (feedback loop) camouflage systems can potentially evoke new relations. Kids from the 80′s like me wouldn’t find the connection between pixelated 8-bit landscapes and these camouflage systems too far fetched.

The clothing concept sort of reflects the street fashion taken into a new context were the life of the soldier (soulja?) is expressed by the retro-gamer. Gaming today can be concidered a lifestyle, and thugs from the hardcore consoles in the old days have an urge to express their dedication.

The hoodie above shows the understanding of their enviroment in open fields – here the early visuals of mushroom kingdom in Super Mario Bros. The hoodie below is designed for night operations or underground caves. This collection could also be extended for roaming in big scary castles or under water.

Inspiration came from reading a couple of articles about fracture camouflage and street fashion photos. Growing up with Nintendo Entertainment System, working with illustrations based on pixels and former scout/sniper training in the army kind of gives strange relations to tings. Ha ha.

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By the way, please don’t email me to tell me how these kinds of camouflage systems really work. This is just a spoof.

KA2 camouflage pattern: