About Blogil - August 20, 2007

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Blogil is the nude diary, the exposed notebook, the lifted skirt of privateness – its the blog of Egil. But what about the gossips, the scandals – will we find out? Yes, Blogil is a also the tabloid og blogs (tablog?) Read more about about it!

What can you find interesting in such a narcissistic space as a blog? Well I don’t know that for sure either. But recently I have had the urge to express myself in subjects that does not really deserve to belong many other places than a blog. These expressions should perhaps not exist at all, but I am fond of interaction. And this is my part.

You are not obliged to find this roll of blog pages amusing, informative, or by any cause a correct approach to anything. But enough of this. This makes me feel like an old web 2.0 preacher. If you want to learn more about common blogging, read the dictionary.

This is my playground, and is basically not mingling with any communities. This way its a clean personal playground in the kingdom of Sounds like ego? You damn right it is! This is my Internet-closet, my sans-serif-shitter, and there is no way you will hit the flusher. There will be no ‘blog-rolling’ except my own personal or promotional sites. But I still welcome you all; friends, affiliates and stalkers!

luvplace to be,

(below) an illustration by the Blogil committee to assist Egil to make his point.