Special Lime Express - November 17, 2013

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Smuggling in cyberspace. I was given instructions by an anonymous artist in Brussels to send over limes containing questionable content. The idea was based on a story from nydailynews. To take the assignment into my taste of expression, I remembered when studying computer science in the security and hacking courses that we experimented with hiding information in various ways. I like to think of my art practice sometimes as creating new metaphors for understanding processes and principles from the digital age. This is how I did it, in the instructable-DIY-like aestheticized video below. Further below is an instruction on how you can download a little easter egg of a picture file that I have prepared in the same manner.

Reveal the contents of these special limes yourself

The image below may look like an ordinary picture file showing limes, but within it is hidden something special. I want you to look inside the lime image by hacking its hidden content.

To do this you must enter the command line on your computer. When this is done, navigate yourself to the folder containing the image you downloaded from this attachment. If you are not familiar with how to do this, please look at the reference here or ask a wizard for help: OSX command line reference

Once in the right folder containing the image special_limes.jpg, then type the command:

unzip lime1cat.jpg

Download this image and try for yourself

Learn more

This hiding technique is based on the very simple command cat that is available on Unix based operating systems. Here is a short tutorial for Mac users over at Hack PC Online. If you happened to be a Windows user, this one  from Guiding Tech should do it for you as well.