WiFi signal visualization - May 27, 2011

Filed under: Programming

The video shows a selection of images from a program I wrote. The program parses Wifi-signals around different urban environments, e.g. my apartment, a parking lot, outside an art gallery, a park or a basement. Each location generates a distinct but fluctuating visual profile.

The colours and sizes are determined by the Wifi IEEE 802.11 protocol data retrived such as like rssi, channel number, cipher, authentication type, average signal and so on. In example, a type of low security security algorithm, such as WEP, will generate a red hue as opposed to a WPA-2 with a CCMP encryption protocol would generate a hue more towards green.

The size of the rings are obviously determined by each of the wifi-network’s signal quality, ranging from 0 to 100%.

This is an experimental stage of a project motivated by the idea to develop a dynamic yet deductive system for creating visuals that reflects an urban and invisible radiowave landscapes we are surrounded with every day.