Photoshop croquis dump - January 14, 2011

Filed under: Sketches

Bringing the wacom tablet to a croquis drawing session is a great thing to do. I mostly draw and paint in Photoshop, so doing life studies using the basic brush tools in the program is an excellent opportunity to experiment with brush strokes and discover new solutions based on direct observation. Below is a dump of quick sketches I did this week.

Croquis drawings is a quick way of capturing a models pose and anatomy usually within 1-3 minutes per pose. This way of drawing forces you to make choices and abstract your way of drawing. When you are using Photoshop you can take advantage of the range of sizes and shapes available for the brush tool. For these drawings I used mainly a basic round brush with its opacity and size controlled by the pen’s pressure (minimum diameter 55%, flow jitter 15%).