Black Milk at the Haugesund International Filmfestival - August 24, 2009

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Genesis Film and I held a presentation about our short movie project Black Milk on Filmkraft Rogaland’s very own “film boat” – the green veteran cruise boat M/S Sandnes holding various events during the Norwegian International Filmfestival in Haugesund.

Black Milk presentation at Haugesund International Filmfestival Black Milk presentation at Haugesund International Filmfestival

We were sharing some experiences we’ve had during the pre-production of the highly visual- and special effect dependent film as the Black Milk is. One of the topics was how we approach this in a low cost way. This included the benefits from using RED camera and mini-green screen studios for testing and more.

I held a short synopsis of the story along with conceptual sketches. I also shared some of the background and insights of the creative process when developing this world and story. An important experience for us is the great strength in pre-visualizing the movie through art and pilot clips.

It was great to have the opportunity to share a bit of what we do these days. It is always a bit intimidating when presenting a project you believe in – especially for a whole hour – but in the end I think we got very positive feedback on both the creative work so far as well as the presentation. I look forward to next year as we got a lot more worth showing!

Photo credit: Filmkraft Rogaland