250 000 for Black Milk - May 9, 2009

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Black Milk comp

Filmkraft Rogaland recently allocated 250 000 nok in production funds for the short movie project I’ve been working on called Black Milk. A big thank to Filmkraft for giving us a greenlight from their part!

Filmkraft also gave funds for developing the project last year. This has been a tremendous help as this is a very complicated shot. It requires a certain amount of expertise within special effects, scenography and visual effects. Since last year we have run several test shots for lighting, makeup and special effects. Even though this is a highly ambitious project, the help from a talented and motivated crew has made this project very promising. The amount of time spent on refining the look and feel of the film trough careful planning has made Black Milk go much further than expected with limited funds.

As a short film, the process and careful preparation has been quite extraordinary, and by some, considered estimable, and as a bonus from this the whole process from early on is being recorded for an in-depth behind the scenes documentary.