PRINTS from the untapped source - September 12, 2007

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prints from the untapped source

Art prints can be purchased here delivers high quality art reproductions for me as of this date. I have been in touch with TheUntappedSource for a couple of months since they first contacted me and now and I wish to talk a little bit about my experience with them.

As a company, TheUntappedSource presents themselves as a gallery showcasing a limited amount of aspiring artists and supports them in the means of produce and sell their artwork. This gallery is limited to the most necessary features like an individual artist presentation, the artist’s gallery and a shopping cart system for the customers. The site is presented in simplicity and elegance but still very informative. You get the impression that the art sale has no other purpose than supporting the artists as well as to push the prices down to the advantage for buyers. Thats true – I sell art to get my art out there, and not for economic reasons. (I earn too much money from my art already)

I have compared prices with DAprints, the printservice of deviantART, and found TheUntappedSource as a cheaper alternative. This in fact that I used to push the prices far below the default prices set by DAprints. The reason that I choose to compare DAprints with TheUntappedSource is that I have personal experience with them since I have sold prints trough them a couple of years. There are other prints companies ofcourse, but DAprints is also considered being focused on artists and art production.

Even if TheUntappedSource has cheaper art prints, it doesn’t seem to affect on the quality of the prints. They use the same kind of paper quality + a few goodies which I really enjoy. I have bought some proofs using the paper finish I am most fan of; the canvas and the textured paper finish.

  • CANVAS – the old woven looking canvas. They use the Epson Premier Art Water Resistant Canvas which is stretchable for framing without sagging and combines incredible color reproduction, high gloss finish, and a water resistant coating. Made from a durable blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, this unique heavyweight, quality canvas utilizes a tight weave that is ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions. I tried this 20×24″ finish on my painting Kamicarus which has a sort of oilpaint-look to it. I stretched it on to a frame and the result looks impressive. It’s a fun mimic of a traditional painting on canvas, but it is also one of the coolest ways of presenting artwork in homes in my opinion – especially digital paintings made in a brushed fashion. This is infact the same standard which my mentioned artwork is being exhibited at Gallery 115 in Romania at this date.

kamicarus on canvas
journey on textured

  • TEXTURED - Perhaps my favorite paper when it comes to convincing look and sense of quality. The textured surface of this paper gives a true artistic appearance with vivid color reproduction and rich black tones for exceptional contrast …” it reminds a lot of aquarelle paper which I wouldn’t recommend for very dark or contrasted photos etc. But the rough almost handmade look makes it perfect for more vintage, drawed and textured work. I wanted to try my drawing Journey with a 18×24″ textured finish. With an already quite textured and organic feel to the image, it worked pretty cool on this textured surface. I think it was a perfect completion for my process with this image. Note that this was already a traditional drawing who took a journey trough photoshop and came back as an old papyrus-looking document being stored for ages. Yes, it actually look more traditional than my original pencil sketch!

So I can by all means be satisfied with the quality of the prints. My proofs looks great and will hang on my wall until someone finds interest in buying them. If you ever plan to buy prints from me or any other artists at TheUntappedSource, I would recommend the canvas for paint-styled imagery. The textured paper finish is very cool at paintings too, but would be more suitable for textured or vintage looking pictures. Anyways, art printed on a more decent paper standard really pays off even if its a bit more expensive than the typical glossy photo papers.

When it comes to the cooperation with the TheUntappedSource from an artist point of view, I really feel lucky. Being part of a group of selected artists raise the motivation, and I gladly refer to my personal print page. Since there are only a limited amount of artists in this gallery, you really get a personal follow up.

We are told that TheUntappedSource has a genuine mission to be there for the artists. But what about the customers? I don’t know yet, but my experience by ordering proofs was quite painless. But since customers are the only source for economic income they obviously would treat you with more love l000ve They accept most credit cards and safely transact your order until it arrives in your mail. The artworks are here carefully embaled in paper and hard cardboard tubes.

To sum this up you must already have figured out this is not only merciless review but more of a commercial. Yes, everybody, it should be clear that digital art should complete its journey as bits composed by the lovely colours of hexadecimals and reach state of PRINT.

Be good, and buy buy buy more art :D