Comic Egil feature on TV - March 17, 2010

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NRK, the Norwegian government-owned radio and television company,  made a story about the comic community here in Oslo. Along with the comic strips I’ve been working on lately, I was attending the comic drawing sessions at Serieteket in Oslo. Excerpts from the montage can be translated into such as:

“… around the tables everything from computer nerds to art students show up to share and develop their ideas … ” I guess I was a good representative for both of the mentioned parties… This is what I had to say about the comics I am working on:

“I draw myself as the artist and art teacher in a couple of years from now. I see myself as a bitter art teacher who correcting little girls,  uhm.. I mean, young art students about how they keep on painting ONLY PRETTY THINGS! (…)”

See the whole clip at NRK’s websites here:

Egil Paulsen at Serieteket, Oslo, 16-03-2010

Comic Egil – on intellect - February 27, 2010

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Being an art student often drives you into a critical approach in making Art. Sometimes making art can drive you into very restraining ideas about what is art and what is not. Usually these kinds of ideas can lead you into evil loops or just turn out pretty hilarious.

I thought the idea of drawing myself as the complex and self-proclaimed misunderstood genius-artist would make an interesting character.

Here with a loose reference to Marcel Duchamp and the paranoiac critical methods of Salvador Dali.

Follow upcoming pages where I disclose substance in art and how to paint real art from the unconscious!

Comegil - February 24, 2010

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If I was an autobiographic comic book character… Actually I have sketched out a couple of pages and some finished panels with this character. Stay tuned!!!

Ink brush pens