I ♥ Black Milk - July 26, 2010

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It’s been over two years since I was approached by a director who had heard about a project of mine called Black Milk. It was a story set in a highly stylized and minimalistic world – a world seemingly impossible to imagine when told. I had a screenplay without words and dialogue.

Luckily I’ve been a visionary with trained abilities to visualize… I had a series of paintings – surreal and symbolically laden landscapes inviting to a trip of subtle nightmares that did not need to be explained. I witnessed great enthusiasm around my paintings. Though everyone seemed to understand the potential of these visuals, no one could really point out what they were about. One of the biggest enthusiasts was of course the soon to become director for the project, Skjalg Molvær.

Together with the director, we started developing this project into a film format. It was decided to become a short film. I got deeply into storytelling, read myself up on screen writing, and together we started enhancing and pull together the story while preserving the original vision and look from the original paintings.

And what a look this film was going to have! My concepts for the film meant a lot of difficulties. It soon turned out that this project would become huge! The project involves special effects, computer animation, green screens, and last but not least, a giant set piece.

After a series of technical tests, research and even a great deal of pioneering, we were finally ready for production. It turned out to be a huge budget for such a small film. The artistic value of the project and the line-up of a great and talented crew involved turned out to be quite convincing. We received financial support from Filmkraft Rogaland, Vestnorsk Filmsenter og Norsk Filminstitutt. The film has now a budget of over one million nok, and is being produced by Genesis Film and Vidvinkel Film. This is by far my biggest project, and I’ve learned so much from the process of being involved with just about everything during pre-production.

The film is being shot in a grandeur warehouse/office building in Haugesund, west coast of Norway. The building houses the living quarters for the film crew and the studio itself. Currently we live there as a great art collective building sets, eat good food and enjoying the most exciting and productive summer ever! I plan share some interesting and resourceful stories from the many challenges we met during our work with this film trough this blog.

Read more about the project at (see also english version).
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Painting it black - February 21, 2010

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Just a quick post to show whats on my easel these days… I am painting with acrylics on a 100×80 cm canvas. Experimenting a bit with different glazing and wash techniques.

Black Milk painting - January 21, 2010

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A very rough acrylic painting on canvas. One of the interesting things to me when painting on canvas is to mimic the style of my digital paintings. It comes to a point where I have to accept a brush stroke and avoid corrections. I felt very inspired by Eric Fischl‘s paintings, though any actual similarities really seems far fetched.

Black Milk at the Haugesund International Filmfestival - August 24, 2009

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Genesis Film and I held a presentation about our short movie project Black Milk on Filmkraft Rogaland’s very own “film boat” – the green veteran cruise boat M/S Sandnes holding various events during the Norwegian International Filmfestival in Haugesund.

Black Milk presentation at Haugesund International Filmfestival Black Milk presentation at Haugesund International Filmfestival

We were sharing some experiences we’ve had during the pre-production of the highly visual- and special effect dependent film as the Black Milk is. One of the topics was how we approach this in a low cost way. This included the benefits from using RED camera and mini-green screen studios for testing and more.

I held a short synopsis of the story along with conceptual sketches. I also shared some of the background and insights of the creative process when developing this world and story. An important experience for us is the great strength in pre-visualizing the movie through art and pilot clips.

It was great to have the opportunity to share a bit of what we do these days. It is always a bit intimidating when presenting a project you believe in – especially for a whole hour – but in the end I think we got very positive feedback on both the creative work so far as well as the presentation. I look forward to next year as we got a lot more worth showing!

Photo credit: Filmkraft Rogaland

250 000 for Black Milk - May 9, 2009

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Black Milk comp

Filmkraft Rogaland recently allocated 250 000 nok in production funds for the short movie project I’ve been working on called Black Milk. A big thank to Filmkraft for giving us a greenlight from their part!

Filmkraft also gave funds for developing the project last year. This has been a tremendous help as this is a very complicated shot. It requires a certain amount of expertise within special effects, scenography and visual effects. Since last year we have run several test shots for lighting, makeup and special effects. Even though this is a highly ambitious project, the help from a talented and motivated crew has made this project very promising. The amount of time spent on refining the look and feel of the film trough careful planning has made Black Milk go much further than expected with limited funds.

As a short film, the process and careful preparation has been quite extraordinary, and by some, considered estimable, and as a bonus from this the whole process from early on is being recorded for an in-depth behind the scenes documentary.

Try some Black Milk - January 30, 2009

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Black Milk mockup

The short film project I’ve been working on called Black Milk was given more money for development. Vestnorsk Filmsenter, who support fundings to short- and documentary films, found our project interesting and wishes to see it in production.

Behind the scenes

Black Milk is still in pre-production and indeed we are! Yesterday went to a new round testing makeup and a bit of special effects in studio. More testing and research will be done when it comes to set design and casting. But in all I think this is really going the right way and I am so happy about the motivated and talented crew! More news will be following. The photos are from the shoot yesterday :)

Nic as Ego

Black Tie - October 8, 2008

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Just playing with the idea of a Black Milk shirt. What wouldn’t be better than a promotion shirt that goes well with a tie?

Ink sketch in moleskine.

Test shooting Black Milk - September 5, 2008

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Last week we did some technical testing for the short film project black milk. The crew was great. Even though this was mainly a test for lights and greenscreen we really got some nice and gross pictures! A couple of photos from the set taken by me:

Daniel (test character and producer), Skjalg (director)

Amund (DoP)

Elin (makeup) creates the Ego character

Mia (Makeup)


RED 4K, testsubject in bg

RED 4K camera, Daniel in bg

Milk money - August 25, 2008

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The short film project I’ve been working on (Black Milk) was given money for production developement by Filmkraft Rogaland. The funds are very helpful since the film is technically challenging to execute. It requires a lot of technical tests and laborating. Luckily there is a lot of very experienced and talented people involved.

A big thank to Filmkraft Rogaland for finding our project interesting! We have achieved a lot already. Below is a shot from one of the makeup sessions :P

Ichues - July 7, 2008

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After a discussion with a friend, I tried to illustrate what certain Freudish characters would look like.. ouhh how smartsy :P

- Black ink markers on a tiny piece of paper.