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Egil Paulsen works with installation, computer art and video. He has a Bachelor degree from Bergen National Academy of the Arts where he was enrolled under Department of Fine Art.

As a graduated Bachelor in computer science with a genuine interest in the subjects HCI and Accessibility, Egil has been involved in teaching, consulting and worked as an experience designer in many projects. Egil also works as a freelancer within visualization, illustration and system development.

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Rubik's Cube-sculpture

Solar prototypes - 2014-05-6

Solar cell sculptures activated by infrared heating lamps. Exhibited at Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway.

Solar cells, dc motors, melted plastic, infrared heating lamps, 110x110cm table.

Ultrasonic Vision - 2013-11-09

Ultrasonic Vision is a pair of goggles that allow users to navigate through space with the help of sonar technology. By replacing vision with tactile feedback, I investigate how perception of space can be felt rather than beheld.

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Lethe - 2012-12-04

An artistic and architectural intervention under the project "Creating Space for Body and Mind". The project was a cooperation between Bergen Academy of Art and Design and The University of Bergen fall 2012. On this page I will take you through some of the thoughts I had behind my contribution to the project.

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Prepared Forest - 2012-09-08

A five week residency among the great pine forests outside Berlin inspired me to look closer into the movement and rhythms of the trees. Prepared Forest consists of sound sculptures that translates movements of the trees in relation to each other. As the trees move, the nails scratches the bucket in various speed. On good windy days, the sounds can be heard up to 300 metres from the actual site.

The sculptures are meant to function as windows in which opens up for a greater imaginable whole. My work come to being as attempts to push invisible networks of events into perceptual expressions.

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Prepared Forest

Special Limes - 2013-11-15

Smuggling in cyberspace. I was given instructions by an anonymous artist in Brussels to send over limes containing questionable content. This is how I did it, in the instructable-DIY-like aestheticized video below.

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Art For Documentation - 2011-05-26

A wrapped canvas emitting infrared letters. The letters are stenciled from the inside of the canvas, leaving letters out of human perception. The only way to experience the artwork fully is to record it with an light sensitive device, such as a regular camera.

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Art For Documentation

Love // Hate - 2011-05-26

Streamed Twitter-updates containing the words "Love" and "Hate" projected on two stretched canvases.

When artists like Joseph Stella started painting the neon signs and arcs from high speed cities of his surroundings, so should one today wonder how art can defend its own existence as our daily stimuli is like a tsunami against a carefully composed little sandcastle.

Art objects today are easily forgotten and acts as part of a collective stream which results only in tendencies. I have problems dealing with the single art object in a white cube without a larger context. With the work "Love//Hate" I capture the real time world into the gallery space. The work lives on its own.

on Wi-Fi Shamanism - 2011-06-14

When I studied computer science, I always liked to imagine visualizing the unperceivable data being tossed and twisted around in series of logic go-merry-rounds. If one could imagine seeing the vast amount of radio, Wi-Fi, radiation, and satellite signals going about in the streets and living rooms as light, we would be embraced in an amazingly bright vibrancy. With this in mind, my intention was to only open up little windows for us to peek in, because the whole would be too much to comprehend.

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Wi-Fi Shamanism

Blanket sculptures - 2010-04-13

The work was based on my thoughts around biography. Through life we are covered in various blankets. from bright cuddly baby blankets to fashionable interior decorations, and in the end some old dusty rags.

The blankets are nested around each other like a spiral. Nesting the blankets gives a logical layered struchture repeating itself as it grows - like an onion or the russian matryoshka dolls. The inner layers are rolled in soft baby blankets followed by a chronological order of later used rags.

The blanket rolls has a straight cut edge revealing all the different layers - just like growth rings of a tree. Not only by counting the number of growth rings can determine the age of a tree, but interpreting the spacing of growth rings can tell us much about it's life.

artwork:Blanket sculptures

Drawing Project - 2010-02-18

This is my pencil. It is sharp.

A rather occupational piece.. It occurred somewhere between preparing myself for drawing and actually drawing.

Actually I got the idea partly from people pointing me how sharp my pencil was (long tip). From there I just wanted to make an extreme version, just to see how far it can go…

This is actually a crucial piece for my current artist statement: My ideas spring from the possibilities in what I do, in which actions, thoughts and situations can be associated with something existential, philosophical or just some phenomena. Like in this example; how much can you sharpen a pencil before it turns out .. peculiar.

artwork:Drawing Project

Banana - 2010-12-01

The motive was painted as water continuously were pouring over the canvas.

As the canvas seemed more like a river constantly in change, every brush stroke was a fight in order to make it stay.

There are too many pictures in the world. Every new picture becomes a part of the endless stream the moment they are made.


Descending - 2010-03-04

Timelapse of me drawing a nude descending a staircase very slowly (about 20 minutes).

The video is speeded up so that the walking cycle seems to be naturally paced. It is an experiment with drawing as sequential media

on Easel Business Cards

Business card that can transform into an easel.

"More that meets the eye" is a saying these days are referring to the newly produced Transformers-movies.

The card design is in the process of becoming available to public. If you are a visual artist you could also consider this card. Get them at

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Easel Business Cards

on Black Milk

Black Milk is a short film based on an idea by Egil Paulsen. The film will be directed by Skjalg Molvær and produced by Daniel Henriksbø and Solveig Arnesen. The film is about the "hunger" for the experience of meaning in an otherwise seemingly meaningless environment (...)

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Black Milk Studio Shoot

on Meta Monks 2008

The monks are meant to suggest meta-beliefs, and thereby the name Meta Monks. I borrow different ideas and thoughts various religions and put them in a setting based on how I understand they have meaning to the people of these beliefs. You got to see the irony (...)

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Meta Monks photo

on Prints

High quality art reproductions are available for purchase

In addition to the exhibition of the Meta Monks-series, I introduced an exclusive limited edition counting only 99 each! These prints are still available for sale.

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Printing Optych